Stephen Coates

Watercolour, Pencils
Reflections, Science & Skies, Vision & Composition

Having spent most of his early years drawing in pencil and charcoal, Stephen decided to specialise in watercolours. However, like everyone else on the planet, he found it difficult and frustrating. He embarked on a long road of self learning and eventually gained an extensive understanding of the watercolour medium and developed his own unique style.

Stephen soon realised that his early frustrations with watercolours were shared by countless leisure artists all over the country. So much so that he set up as a teacher, runs courses and workshops, demonstrates at art societies and has written his own tuition book entitled - The watercolour enigma.

Stephen has a charismatic presentation style and likes to entertain a little too which keeps everyone on their toes and assists with the learning process. As well as painting live, he uses screen projections, engages the audience and explains precisely how the watercolour medium is unique. His enthusiastic teaching skills will certainly leave you with much to think about and provide many fresh ideas that you will want to try out yourselves.

There are three preset demonstrations to chose from but Stephen will prepare a presentation on any other subject of your choice, all of which can be converted into full day workshops.

Reflections in Watercolour Using mirrors, photographs and diagrams, we examine reflections and how they behave in a variety of natural settings. A live painting is completed showing techniques and tips used to help represent water and reflections effectively.

Science and Sky Examining various images of cloud formations and planning how they can be created in watercolour. Answering why artists find skies so difficult and completing two live paintings showing techniques and tips to help represent skies effectively.

Vision and Composition Examining our vision of the world, how our perceptions can be so different to reality and showing some stunning optical illusions to help explain why we all go wrong with our drawing and painting. Planning, perspective, colour selection and composition are all tackled in this tantalising presentation which includes a live painting.