Sho-Jen Dowell

Chinese Brush

Sho-Jen is a Cambridgeshire-based artist and musician. Born in Taiwan, she has practiced Chinese Art and Calligraphy since childhood. Formally trained in fine art and commercial design at Five-Year college in Taiwan, she is schooled in both Chinese and western artistic disciplines. She is currently a member of the Chinese Brush Painters Society in the UK.

Her work has been exhibited in the International Commercial Centre, Kaohsiung, Taiwan; in the Tainan Culture Centre; and in various other galleries in Taiwan. She designed a wall sculpture for Wen-Ya Elementary School, Tai-Chung, Taiwan, whilst at college.

Unbounded by tradition, Sho-Jen eschews photo-realism in favor of a more subjective approach. Working with fine materials as a prerequisite to giving full expression to her creative ideas, she enjoys making full use of the range of media available to the modern artist.

Combining Chinese art and calligraphy with modern western artistic styles gives Sho-Jen a generous palette of skills to draw upon for each new project.

Sho-Jen is pleased to undertake commissions, present demonstrations and conduct workshops. To see more of Sho-Jen's work, please visit her website

Based in Cambridgeshire , Sho-Jen is available for demonstrations and workshops within a 20-35 mile radius of St Neots.