Robina Hattersley

"Bus on Xmas Eve in India"

"Bus Stand in India"

"At work in China"
Talks on her journeys

I had no formal art training, but I have exhibited many times in Salisbury, and my watercolours are in many private collections. My artistic career began in 1974 when I was going to Nepal, and a friend said "Don't take a camera, take a sketchbook!"

More travels, usually alone and unpackaged, followed, and in 1990 I went round the world, and later put a talk together "Round the World with a Sketchbook". In it the watercolour sketches are shown on slides and enlivened by stories of my adventures.

I travel with a backpack, usually by public transport, making it easy to meet people and have time to paint. In that way I have painted in India, China, Bangladesh, Mongolia and Sri Lanka. I visit temples, art galleries and museums, as others do, but I also visit brickworks, farms, factories and recycling plants, and paint them.

I love giving talks, and showing my sketches and sketchbooks. I am happy to talk to art groups within 60 miles of Salisbury, or further in some circumstances. "Round the World with a Sketchbook" is always fun, and also ready are "A Village in South India" and "A Woman in China" .

In Sri Lanka I was a Servas traveller and stayed with Sri Lankan Servas hosts and I should welcome an opportunity to mention Servas. (