Paul Arnott

Watercolours, Computer Art
Wales, W

Paul is a South Wales based artist, living in Cardiff. He has been painting in watercolours for many years, and has been demonstrating his method at local art groups and societies. He particularly enjoys the workshop or "paint along approach", when possible, and gets much pleasure from seeing a student's delight when he or she "Gets it right" so to speak.

He is the present chairman of the South Wales Art Society, and has recently taken an early retirement from British Telecom, where he was involved the use of computing equipment.

Paul can offer a number of presentations to interested clubs and groups.

1. Watercolour or Acryl Gouache painting demonstration with tips and tricks

2. Watercolour workshops (paint along style).

3. Painting from photographs including tips for getting the best from your digital camera.

4. Digital painting where Paul 'paints' on his computer whilst projecting the image onto a large screen so that the audience can see. This presentation can also include the tips for digital photography. Paul provides all his own audio-visual equipment for this demonstration. He only needs a table, electricity supply and ability to darken the room if necessary.

Paul will travel up to 150 miles from his base in Cardiff.