Marilyn Comparetto

Acrylics, Oils, Mixed
Abstract, Expressive, Mixism - mixed media expressive work, Still Life, Landscapes

I have been painting and selling works since I was 19 in 1971. Earlier works consisted mainly of wildlife paintings but throughout the following years my portfolio widened to include abstract, portrait, still life and landscape paintings.  

In 2002, after 30 years of drawing and painting through the observation and the delivery of a more illustrative art, I began to experiment. Consequently later works very rarely just illustrate the things or people that occupy the world. Even a representation of objects grouped in a painterly composition may reveal sections of my life.

Following an initial intensive time of experimentation, I finally found that I could be totally expressive by breaking all the rules and ignoring all of the criticism around me. I still continue to develop the theoretical approach of portraying emotions and connections intertwined within the compositions of my artwork. Creating paintings by pulling deep thoughts and emotions from my subconscious or/and from influences in the world around me I spew them onto the canvas. As part of this process I often not only give a visual image but also create, and attaches, poems or prose so that the viewer can understand the emotions that were being delivered in front of them.

I have named this free style form of art Mixism-the ultimate form of expressionism. Today I continue to develop my Mixism works, alongside the more traditional style of works that that have also been influenced by my move to include emotional connotations

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I am based in Stevenage and available Thursday evenings (1.5 hour driving distance) and all day/eve Monday and Fridays (2.5 hour driving distance).