Jem Bowden

Landscape, Skies, Mountains, Rural Scenery, Coastal, Seascapes, Water

Artist of the year 2014, Society for all Artists (SAA)

I am available to give watercolour demonstrations and workshops in the city of Bristol and surrounding counties.

Demonstrations:  Beginning with a brief introduction of myself and materials, it is then possible to do two paintings in a two hour session, with a short break in between.  I find it works to explain everything I do and why I am doing it, whilst encouraging questions at any time.  I am happy to take requests of the type of subject that the art group would like to see.  Any particular preferences can be discussed at the time of booking, or in advance of the day.

For workshops I aim to tailor my visit specifically to a group's experience level in the watercolour medium, and their desired outcomes.  I can empathise with the broadest range of views on art, and fully appreciate that while much can be learned - based on fact - much remains a matter of subjectivity.  My approach to tutoring readily acknowledges that there are a number of ways to achieve any result, and I only attempt to teach and speak from my own experience. Perhaps you’d like to work on a particular type of subject and the techniques involved, develop a better way of composing and planning the stages of a painting, or enhance the impact and dynamics of your work.  Any or all of these things, and more, can be covered in a process which ends with a finished painting, or through a series of exploratory exercises.  We can make it as challenging or as leisurely as you wish.

Biography: I have painted watercolour since childhood.  At age 10 a visit to the Turner collection at The Clore Gallery inspired an impressionistic approach to capturing the experience of our landscape which is with me to this day. My preference is to paint outdoors in front of the subject, but during the winter months I work more in the studio, and also develop new workshops and demonstrations.  My inspiration comes from close experience of our countryside in all atmospheric conditions.  The grandeur of mountain, wilderness, and coastal scenery are constant favourites, and it is hard to beat the simple beauty of a statuesque old tree! However a good light or atmospheric effect can bring just about any scene alive with all a good painting needs.

For more information and to see many examples of my paintings up close please visit my website