Jem Bowden

Landscape, Skies, Mountains, Rural Scenery, Coastal, Seascapes, Water

Artist of The Year 2014’, Society for All Artists (SAA), among other painting awards
Author of the Watercolour Diploma for London Art College
Leisure Painter regular contributor

I enjoy giving watercolour demonstrations around the South/Southwest of England and run workshops at Art Groups & Societies within this region. I’m often happy to travel further afield too, but will need to cover the additional costs. Please enquire and we can check viability.

In demonstration I aim to explain the main principles I typically work to, show the range of techniques I use and the energy I put into my painting. I really like these occasions to be as sociable and ‘interactive’ as possible, so no need to hold back on the heckling.

My workshops are thoughtfully structured and designed to help you tackle the traditional techniques of the watercolour medium. I aim to provide a lot of relevant information through demonstration, analysis, some exercises and usually a step-by-step painting which draws everything together. A typical 10 – 4pm day passes quickly and can only ever be a brief introduction to a whole way of working. Being bold, and potentially out of your comfort zone is, I believe, the best way to learn and develop as a painter. Please be energised, and not be worried about using up some paint and paper! After all, practise and experimentation is never ‘waste’. To get the best from watercolour we generally need to take some risks, so I feel you shouldn’t be taking home a masterpiece, but hopefully some ideas to work with.

For more information and to see many examples of my paintings up close please visit my website