Frank Collict

Watercolours, Line & Wash, Oils with palette knife
Landscapes, Seascapes
Wales, SW, W

In 1981, a short while after leaving college, I moved to the small Victorian seaside town of Penarth in South Wales where I still live today with my wife Jacqueline and our two sons Glenn and Carter.  

Primarily a landscape artist working in both Watercolour and Oil. My work is about capturing the image before me with bold brushwork and a limited palette whilst trying to convey the light and atmosphere of a place, so when painting in the field my approach is to work quickly keeping everything as simple as possible and not getting too caught up with unnecessary detail.

When painting in the studio however, having the luxury of time and without the elements to contend with painting is a much more considered process so keeping the energy and spontaneity of the initial outdoor painting or sketch is a great challenge and something I always try to achieve in my finished work.

Watercolour demonstrations start with a brief introduction and a review of my materials followed by a half imperial size painting answering questions as I paint. After a short break I will finish with another painting but rather than a pure watercolour this second painting will normaly be line and wash, followed by a question and answer session time permitting.

Oil painting demonstrations are usually painted with the palette knife, starting with the sketch and colour visual through to the final painting, again answering questions as I paint and followed by a question and answer session.

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