Chris Jones

"Descending Tigress"

"American Game"

"Barn Owl"
Acrylics, Oils
S, SW, M

Chris is available for demonstrations and workshops painting wildlife in acrylics.

Chris is a full-time professional wildlife artist. He is particularly known for his images of poultry breeds, and was formally trained for four years as a natural history illustrator, before turning to wildlife painting.

He has travelled widely, from the African plains to the rainforests of Borneo in search of his subjects and has exhibited across Britain, including at the Mall Galleries, London and the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.

Chris works primarily in oils and acrylics, but his college training has given him experience of a wide range of media. Demonstrations are typically in quick-drying acrylics, which allows Chris to demonstrate as much as possible in a session. The layering technique he uses is no different to when he works in oils, and he discusses how the same process can be applied.

Making no secret of the short-cuts and techniques needed to produce highly realistic wildlife paintings, Chris can freely demonstrate how to paint troublesome natural textures such as fur, feather and foliage.

His enthusiasm for his subjects, makes for both informative and inspirational tuition.