Bob Hughes

Watercolours, Acrylics, Oils, Pencils, Digital Paint
Portrait, Landscape, Wildlife, Maritime, Still Life, Life, Anatomy

I am a traditional and digital artist, art tutor and demonstrator. My home base is Liverpool but I am available to deliver one, two or three day workshops and demonstrations in and around the North West and Central parts of the UK and North Wales. The examples on this page (with the exception of three portraits and a marine painting) are from my demonstrations at various art clubs and societies, each one taking approximately 90 minutes to paint. I use mainly Atelier Interactive Artists' quality acrylics for their vibrancy and their versatility. I usually work on prepared half imperial Arches Rough 300lbs /640gsm Watercolour paper for each demonstration, oils can also be used on this paper.

If I don't have any suitable images I have taken myself for my demonstrations I will work from selected photographs which I source from various websites dedicated to artists, designers and illustrators, these are free to use for whatever you want and for no fees. By the time I have finished painting, the paintings are a far cry from the original image, making a vibrant and loose painting which many people enjoy watching.

Some people think that painting from photos are a no, no and should be discouraged as much as possible, I disagree, if you study a photograph you would be amazed at what you can find in it, what I call those 'little gems', you can get as many as six paintings out of one photograph if you play around with it (cropping, changing contrast, adding other images into it etc.) after all, you are not mindlessly creating another photograph, you are creating a painting.

Four of the paintings on view here are 'Plein Air' paintings, occasionally I will use such paintings as a demonstration piece and explaining my process to the audience as I paint. I think most people when they turn up to watch an artist demonstrating a painting technique want to hear how s/he prepares for the painting, how and where they get their inspiration and then watch as they start from the sketch to the finished painting and finish up with a vibrant and colourful painting.

Of course, I paint and draw more detailed artwork as well, if you are interested incommissioning a portrait in oil or in the new digital medium (not cloned) please contact me.

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