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Learn, create and be inspired at Missenden Abbey

Buckinghamshire Adult Learning is proud to continue its programme of creative courses at Missenden Abbey. We enjoy a reputation as a City & Guilds Centre of Excellence, for delivering high quality courses and for employing tutors who are renowned in their fields. Together our aim is to encourage learners to develop a love of creative pursuits. Topics range from drawing, painting and printmaking to floristry, lace making, jewellery and glass design. In addition, the variety of specialist subject areas and our comprehensive range of textile courses on offer mean that you will be able to find your perfect course.

We welcome absolute beginners and those wanting to develop their skills to a professional level, as well as all levels in between. Working alongside like-minded people will provide the perfect environment for you to make friends and to develop your skills in an inspirational and supportive environment.

For more information or to book on one of our courses, please ring 01296 383582 or visit www.missendenabbey-al.co.uk.

Tutor Ref Date Course
John MeakerX06AR01N1414-16 November 2014Abstract Painting Exercises and New Ways of Seeing Landscape
Tutor Ref Date Course
Kate PercivalX12AR01N1428 Feb - 1 Mar 2015Acrylics: Techniques for all Levels
John MeakerX16AR08N1424 - 26 Apr 2015Liquidity Techniques for Oils and Acrylics
Toulla HadjigeorgiouX04AR07N14Sat 25 October 2014Textured Acrylic Sunset on Canvas
Jonathan NeweyX06AR09N14Mon 17 November 2014Winter Landscapes with Acrylic
Tutor Ref Date Course
Roger Reynolds-X08AR04N1428 - 30 November 2014Illustrating Twigs in Winter
Jill WinchX18AR05N149 - 10 May 2015Painting Leaves in Coloured Pencils
Roger ReynoldsX21AR05N1412 - 14 June 2015Wild Meadow Flowers
Tutor Ref Date Course
Judi WhymarkX04AR02N14Sat 25 October 2014Calligraphy
Judi WhymarkX14AR03N14Mon 16 March 2015Calligraphy
Chinese and Japanese Brush Painting
Tutor Ref Date Course
Kaili FuX03AR01N1417 - 19 October 2014Ancient figures from Yongle Palace (Yuan Dynasty 1271-1368)
William CaiX13AR01N14Sat 7 March 2015Chinese Brush Painting for Beginners
Xuzhuang LiX06AR03N1414 - 16 November 2014Chinese Calligraphy: Running Script
Jia LiX17AR01N141 - 3 May 2015Chinese Calligraphy: Cursive Script
Jia LiX18AR01N148 - 10 May 2015Classical Chinese Figure Painting
Qu Lei LeiX02AR03N1410 - 12 October 2014Flower and Bird: Chinese Brush Painting
Kaili FuX14AR05N1413 - 15 March 2015Learn Landscape from the Master Painter Shen Zhou (Ming Dynasty1368-1644)
Takumasa OnoX10AR05N1431 Jan - 1 Feb 2015Mastering Japanese Ink Painting
Tutor Ref Date Course
Barry Herniman X12AR03N1427 Feb - 1 Mar 2015Exciting Techniques in Gouache
Life Drawing & Portraiture
Tutor Ref Date Course
Varvara NeimanX03AR03N14Sat 18 October 2014Life Drawing
Varvara NeimanX13AR04N14Sat 7 March 2015Tonal Portraits
Mixed Media
Tutor Ref Date Course
Diana StonehouseX11AR05N146 - 8 February 2015More Mixed Media Painting
Tutor Ref Date Course
Varvara NeimanX17AR02N141 - 3 May 2015Introduction to Impasto and Alla Prima
Roy LangX05AR05N147 - 9 November 2014Painting Dynamic Seascapes
Roy LangX15AR05N1420 - 22 March 2015Unlocking the Mysteries of Seascapes
Palette Knife
Tutor Ref Date Course
Varvara NeimanX07AR04N1421 - 23 November 2014Palette Knife Painting
Tutor Ref Date Course
Kim Richardson-Meyrick X17AR04N142 - 3 May 2015Pastels
Tutor Ref Date Course
Jill WinchX07AR02N1422-23 November 2014Christmas Cards in Coloured Pencil
Jonathan NeweyX19AR08N14Sat 16 May 2015Sketching Techniques with Watercolour Pencils
Tutor Ref Date Course
Jackie DevereuxX17AR05N141 - 3 May 2015Printmaking
Silk Painting
Tutor Ref Date Course
John FarmeloX21AR04N1412 - 14 June 2015Silk Painting
Tutor Ref Date Course
Toulla HadjigeorgiouX18AR02N149 - 10 May 2015Detailed Pet Portraits in Watercolour
Mitzie GreenX09AR06N14Sat 24 January 2015Loose Flowers in Watercolour
Jackie DevereuxX19AR07N1415 - 17 May 2015Sketching and Keeping a Sketchbook
Jonathan NeweyX14AR09N1414 - 15 March 2015Springtime in Watercolour
Mitzie GreenX01AR07N14Sat 4 October 2014Still Life Watercolour Including Printing Methods
Barry HernimanX08AR05N14Sat 29 November 2014Townscapes in Line and Wash
Jackie DevereuxX15AR06N1420 - 22 March 2015Watercolour Painting
Jackie DevereuxX05AR09N147 - 9 November 2014Watercolour Painting: an introduction to a bold expressive approach
Kim Richardson-Meyrick X08AR06N1429 - 30 November 2014Watercolours and Beyond
Tutor Ref Date Course
Phil MadleyX10CR04N1431 Jan - 1 Feb 2015WOW going for Effects in Wax
Phil MadleyX02AR05N14Sat 11 October 2014Wax is Hot